11-Year-Old, 4’5″ Child Playing For Varsity Basketball

11-Year-Old, 4’5″ Child Playing For Varsity Basketball

3:07 pm

6535268This is just silly.

Here’s this kid, who is 11 years old, and has handles that are absolutely ridiculous. His timing is way ahead of his age and his skills are incredible. I imagine the kid doesn’t even have a full shooting form yet because he’s obviously not strong enough to shoot it with one hand just yet. But with what he has? It’s great.

Look at him just weave his way inside. And since he’s only 4’5″, he’s hard to catch. I like that this kid had the presence of mind to not even give his much taller opponent a chance to block his shot.

Those handles, though? Some people have a hard time dribbling the basketball between their legs; this 4’5″ kid dribbled two basketballs between his short legs! That’s insane as is. And he’s still only 11 years old.

I bet Rick Pitino is already recruiting him to go to Louisville.